church interior with altar and icons

Ascension of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church

Icon of the Ascension of Our Lord

Icon of the Ascension

Icons are a beautiful form of spiritual and artistic expression commonly found in eastern churches Each icon tells a story, through images, about important events in the bible and in the church.

The joyous icon above represents the feast day for which this parish is named - The Ascension of our Lord, Jesus Christ, into heaven - as told in the Book of Acts. In this image, Jesus' right hand is raised in blessing, and his left hand holds a scroll, reminding us of Jesus' role as teacher and that He is the ultimate source of knowledge.



Divine Liturgy is being streamed live,
11 AM Sunday mornings, via our Facebook,
and archived Liturgical Video Archive
Please join us from the safety of your home

Also, the church will be open for
private prayer and devotions
Tuesday - Thursday, 9-10 AM PM.
Limited to 6 people at any one time.
Please pracitce safe hygiene and
seperation of at least 6 feet between people. __________________________________________


Liturgy Schedule

SUNDAYS at 11 a.m.

* Sunday Divine Liturgy is followed by coffee and refreshments and fellowship.

WEEKDAYS at 8:30 am

The Sacrament of Confession

is available before Divine Liturgy on Sundays or weekdays, or by appointment.

Please refer to the current weekly bulletin for the schedule each week, as the schedule may change due to Father's schedule.

Tuesday-Thursday at 8:30 am
* Tuesday Divine Liturgy is followed by coffee, refreshments and discussion
** Weekday schedule is subject to change. Please refer to the weekly bulletin.


HOLY DAYS at 8:30 am (unless otherwise noted.) Please check the current Bulletin for any changes.